Realitex200 is the UK’s leading system for fast moving carpets and flooring businesses and includes fully integrated paperless warehouse management as a more efficient alternative to paper-based picking options.

Quick to implement and proven in commercial use, Realitex200 Warehouse Management offers substantial business benefits.

All stock and warehouse locations are barcoded for instant identification, stock locating and put away.

Warehouse movements are optimised and minimised using priority picking functionality.

Handler types can be defined to pick from specific locations.

Goods in, location changes, picks, cuts and adjustments are all automatically audited.

Instant visibility to managers and directors of how busy the warehouse function is so that forward dated orders can be picked in less busy periods.

Real time updating of Realitex200 order statuses provides detailed visibility to the sales desk.

Customers’ delivery documents are ‘clean’ (i.e. with no handwritten comments) and are automatically generated only when items have been confirmed as picked/cut.

Barcoded delivery labels are printed as items are picked and confirmed allowing for integration into carrier systems for waybills and internet based customer consignment tracking.

The Realitex200 Transport Planning System allows sales order processing and distribution staff to plan van loading based on vehicle capacity to prevent overloading.

Fully integrated with leading electronic cutting table systems for automatic cut measures and roll balance updates.

See why Realitex200 warehouse management systems are used by most of the leading names in carpets and flooring wholesale, manufacturing and multi-site retailing.