10 reasons people use Sage CRM for their business

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Sage CRM 2017 Brings a Breath of Fresh Air to CRM User Experience

Customers have spoken and, clearly, Sage has listened. With Sage CRM, the company has completely revamped the look and feel of pretty much everything, and the new CRM experience is a breath of fresh air.

Not only is the new look easier to learn and train on, but it’s also faster to navigate, easier to use, and incredible for teams. Here are the top 10 reasons businesses are making the switch to Sage CRM 2017.

1. Game-Changing Calendar Updates

The all-new, reimagined calendar in Sage CRM 2017 looks and acts a lot like the familiar business calendar we’ve all been using for years. In addition, it offers multiple view options, such as agenda, work week, month, or printable view.

2. Helpful Notifications

Sage heard that previous CRM notifications took up too much desktop space, so they updated the notifications to meet your custom needs. Want notifications to pop up in the corner of your screen (with a snooze or dismiss function)? You’ve got it. Want notifications to stay hidden until you look for them? You’ve got that too.

3. Faster Information Retrieval

With handy auto-suggestions based on the first few letters of your search term as well as a Favorites section that keeps frequently-accessed records at your fingertips, you’ll always have the info you need – right when you need it.

4. In-Sync Team Tools

Get your team on board with each other or just manage them more easily yourself with the new color-coded team calendar views. These views help you see your team actions at a glance and provide timelines so you know when your team has free time.

5. Actionable Task Management

It’s easy to set up and view tasks right from the new calendar in Sage CRM 2017. Being able to create tasks on your calendar means that you’ll be carving out time to complete them, and that’s a sure way to increase your productivity.

6. Increased List Performance

The newest version of CRM offers enhanced list optimization, which has been proven to increase list performance by 20% while saving your company time on list organization. Better lists make for easier-to-manage pipelines – and that leads to increased inbound calls. Enjoy!

7. Easier Emails

It’s a snap to send fast emails straight from CRM, especially with new auto-suggestions on email addresses, customizable user signatures (with merge-file functionality), and MailChimp integration.

8. 360˚ System Visibility

Good CRM systems offer 360˚ visibility of customers. Great CRM systems offer 360˚ visibility of customers and team performance. Incredible CRM systems offer 360˚ visibility of customers, team performance, and system performance. With Sage CRM 2017, you’ll always be in the know about your system performance with System Heath.

10. Peace of Mind

Speaking of older versions of CRM, did you know that Sage CRM v7.2 support will be retired at the end of Q3 2017? That’s coming up soon. Upgrading to the latest version of your CRM software will give you the peace of mind you get from a fast, modern system that’ll be supported for a long time to come.

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