Coronavirus Arrangements for Wharncliffe and our Customers

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Wharncliffe News

Update: 6th January 2021

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Update: 6th January 2021

We would like to assure all customers and partners of the continuity of our service. We’d also like to ensure our customers get the advice and assistance they need to deal with any requirements such as users working from home.

We’ve put together some information below regarding both areas and will continue to update this as the position changes so please continue to check this page for the latest information.

Current Operations

With the systems we have in place, and with the vast majority of our team being mobile as part of their roles, our staff will be able to work from home and we are not expecting any disruption to the availability of support and ongoing services. We are able to connect to users and servers via remote software and also carry out web and screen sharing sessions from any location. Our Office365/Teams based phone system is accessible from any location so all of our teams can continue to be contacts as normal. 

If you are a customer that is currently in the process of a live implementation, we fully appreciate that you will want to avoid any delays in your project, and we can therefore confirm the following:

  • We are currently operating as normal with scheduled site visits going ahead and remote work continuing as planned.
  • If any of our team are unavailable we will notify you as early as possible and discuss the implications and alternative arrangements/rescheduling.
  • Where possible, if a site visit is not possible, we will endeavour to carry this out remotely using the range of solutions available including web conferencing and screen sharing. 
  • In the event that there is a travel disruption and the consultant/engineer cannot attend we will inform you as soon as possible and, as above, we can offer remote assistance or rearrange the delivery day.
  • Every effort is in place to minimise the disruption to project delivery and currently we do not anticipate any impacts to go live dates. Our project team will keep you up to date should any issues arise.

If you require any help with any aspects of your systems to deal with the Coronavirus, just let us know and we will arrange one or more of our team to provide the consultancy and changes required, either using your Assistance Pack if in place, or normal hourly rate Assistance.

This is clearly a challenging position for everyone and, as always, our team remains fully committed to assisting and supporting you, and to continue with the high level of customer service we deliver.

If you need any further information or would like to discuss the position, please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager or Project Manager.

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