Introducing Project Accounting for Realitex200

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Realitex200 News, Wharncliffe News

Are you dealing with project orders? With Realitex200’s integration to the powerful and flexible Sage 200 Project Accounting (PA) module you can now get a single view of all your projects, allocate and collate costs, overheads, and track financial progress. Get online timesheets and expenses for easy input and approval anytime, and optionally connect with Sage Payroll.

Revenue and costs from Realitex200 orders are stored against a Project in the specialist PA module, and other costs, such as expenses, are entered by users via a simple web based facility on phones, tablets, or PCs. Customers receive a simple invoice just showing the Project/Contract summary and total price, without all the detail behind it. All of this can be analysed via reports in the PA module and through Panintelligence.

To make things even easier, new projects can be created quickly and simply by utilising existing projects and project templates as a starting point then amended to project specific requirements. PA’s highly configurable project structures, simple or detailed for example, and analysis make it a flexible solution for any business wanting to analyse costs and profit by project.


Key features and benefits:

  • Fully integrated to Realitex200 with cut length and piece/roll-based stock & order processing
  • Order values, stock costs, purchase orders, and all amendments are updated in the Project
  • Control what shows on customer invoices including option for a project summary and total price
  • Project Structures
  • Configurable hierarchy supports an unlimited number of analysis levels, while providing control over how sub-levels ‘behave’
  • Several configurable options
  • Import and synchronise employees and pay elements into Sage Payroll
  • Web based remote time & expenses entry
  • Cost Control
  • Support for budgets and committed costs
  • List based, detailed or summary enquiries with option to send directly to Microsoft Excel for analysis
  • Reporting and Enquiries including Panintelligence dashboard charting

Project Accounting integration further extends the capabilities of the UK’s most comprehensive solution for Carpet, Artificial Grass, and Fabric businesses.

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