Codeless Platforms

Automate business processes, integrate multiple systems, and generate email alerts based on changes in the data for Sage 200, Realitex200, and Sage CRM.

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Streamline and automate business processing…

Your business relies on processes and whether your using Sage 200, Sage CRM, or Realitex200, automatating these processes will bring significant business benefits. Codeless delivers a range of facilities to allow automation and alerting to be defined, scheduled, and triggered on specified events.

Automate Processes

Take away the reliance on manual intervention across your business by automating processes to save time, money, reduce errors and improve service.


Integrate Systems

Use Codeless to integrate data to/from systems like your web site to streamline processing, remove manual data updating, speed up processing.


Instant Alerting

Codeless can monitor your data and as events occur, automatically email internally and/or externally to raise awareness of potential issues and actions that are needed. 

Email Reporting

Replace traditional reporting where users have to access systems to get information, with automatic emailed reports based on a schedule or data events.

Integration and automation just got easier!

Codeless enables you to automate processes and integrate business systems quickly and easily.

Its innovative drag and drop technology removes the need for coding to ensure your business achieves its true potential with minimal effort.

Use email alerting to monitor your systems’ data, instantly detecting changes and generating emails to notify the relevant people to advise or request action.

Examples include data validation, spotting incorrect entries and alerting users to correct it before it impacts on the business; email purchasing when orders take stock levels below reorder thresholds; email customers when orders are despatched with optional tracking links; send automatic reports across the team to remove the need to look up information or access the core system.

Codeless can also trigger actions, automating processing to both remove manual intervention, reduce risks of processing being missed, enforce a standardised process across the business, and enhance service. An example would be creating a Case in Sage CRM when an issue occurs on an order to ensure the customer service team deal with the problem and update the customer.

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Alert your Customers

Use Codeless Platforms to keep customers aware of progress with key processes such as time critical orders, or simply to enhance the service you offer them by notifying them when each order is despatched.

Automated Notifications

Automating notifications and alerts is a simple process to incorporate into any business system, enabling you to improve company performance and ensure 100% visibility of information.

Reactive Alerting

Remove the need for users to be constantly monitoring positions such as stock reorder requirements, letting the system notify them when action is required – saving time and reducing the risks of things being missed.

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