Customer Survey System

Generate automatic, continuous, and randomised surveys to your customers based on Cases in CRM and/or transactions in Sage200 or Realitex200 to gain continuous feedback on customer satisfaction.

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Improve service and retain customers…

Attracting new business is hard and costly, so we all want to keep every customer we can. Listening to your customers is a great way to measure the heart-beat of your business, giving you insights into areas where service can improve, and an opportunity to tackle issues before they result in the loss of one or more customers.

With the Customer Survey System you can randomise surveys based on preferred criteria, with the customer receiving a branded web based survey that feeds directly back into your system for notification, analysis, and follow-up if needed.


Set-up and leave running!

Once created, surveys are generated automatically and provide ongoing continuous feedback, keeping you informed of customer satisfaction on a rolling basis.

Analysis and reporting

Survey results are stored for analysis and reporting, allowing you to measure overall ratings and trends over time.


Personalised and linked

Surveys can be personalised and create a unique identifier to link back to the Case or transaction in you Sage 200, Realitex200 or Sage CRM solutions.

Raises a task for Issue tracking

Set parameters for any negative responses to create a Task in CRM and assign to a user for review and any follow up action.

Flexible and powerful feedback

Survey on almost any operation, for example completed orders to gain feedback on performance, delivery and order accuracy, on closed service/complaint Cases to check on service satisfaction, or sales Leads/Opportunities to monitor sales performance.


Customers receive a designed and branded email with your business personalised message, and is taken to a branded web page to complete your chosen survey questions. Responses are then emailed internally to selected people for immediate notification, and written into Sage CRM for analysis through the specifically created reports and charts. Where a survey has a negative response, a Task or Case can be automatically created and assigned to one of your team to investigate the concerns and respond to the customer if needed.

Discuss your requirements with us…

Enhances your image

Supports your overall company branding/image and shows customers you value their opinion and care about the service you deliver.


Share feedback

Provide additional dynamic analysis of survey results including to stakeholders and field based teams.

Quick & Easy to implement

Get up and running quickly and start getting feedback from your customers! Start with one survey and add more where needed.

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