Excel Data Bridge

Developed to save time entering data into Sage 200, enabling you to create and edit data in the familiar spreadsheets you use daily. Excel Data Bridge simplifies and streamlines the routine entry of accounts data, sales orders, purchasing and stock.

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Is your team spending too long keying data into Sage from Excel?

Enter data in Excel – Browse data – Validate data – Push into Sage. All with the knowledge it will follow your system’s rules.

Excel Data Bridge has been developed to save time entering data into Sage, enabling you to create and edit data in the familiar spreadsheets you use daily.


Save time

Reduce data entry time by using the wide-range of Excel features to quickly populate and validate data for processing into Sage 200.


Validate to Sage

Data entered in Excel is validated against Sage 200 and users can access Sage 200 within Excel to ensure accuracy. 

Familiar tools!

Excel is a core tool for anyone working in finance making it a far easier, quicker, and more familiar place to work on data preparation.


Reduce Errors

Add additional business rules and validation into your Excel worksheets to reduce data entry errors reaching your Sage 200 system. 

Quick & Efficient…

Excel Data Bridge enables manipulation of data in Microsoft Excel and then posts it directly into Sage; all without the need to rekey your data. Feedback as to whether this has been done correctly is instantly provided, allowing users who are less experienced in Sage the ability to enter data confidently into the system. 

Users can browse data from Sage within Excel, for example nominal codes, costs centres and departments, and follow set rules to ensure consistency. The variety of Excel Data Bridge functions have many uses to help your business reduce wasted time and build efficiency, leaving your teams to focus on other tasks that contribute to your organisation’s goals.

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Create new stock records, including the ability to upload to multiple warehouse combinations without the need to split the upload by warehouse.


PL Invoice

Enables you to post Purchase Ledger Invoices (PL) against the PL as well as ability to browse on relevant codes and post into Purchase Ledger.

Cash Payments

This sheet creates a batch upload of cash payments. This avoids manually rekeying into Nominal Ledger in Sage 200, saving a huge amount of time.

Sales Orders

Create Sales Orders in Sage which includes mapping of analysis codes. Provides a streamlined alternative to manually entering data into Sage.


Project cost adjustments

Analyse cost and revenue adjustments to projects. If costs are posted to the wrong Project, these can be adjusted to the appropriate project.

Purchase Order Creation

Create Purchase Orders either individually or on block. Templates can be pre-populated with typical re-order requirements and used regularly.


Inter Account Transfer

Record bank transfers between accounts using the Inter Account Transfers option within Sage 200.


Cash Receipts

This feature saves time by creating a batch upload of cash receipts including vatable and non-vatable receipts.


Live Entry Feedback

Recieve instant correction feedback allowing users to enter data confidently into the system. 

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