Google Maps Component can mark your CRM companies, cases, opportunities, and leads on a map, view nearby hotels, airports, pubs, and restaurants helping you efficiently plan your business journeys.

Powerful Map Integration

Using Google’s API we can integrate maps into your application, giving users information like location and route based on your data, and the ability to use this map information to update your system.

Route Planning

Google Maps Component provides excellent routing options for deliveries, sales area visits etc. with the option to pass data back to your application.

Point-to-point Data

Passing two post codes, for example, allows the route and distance between two places to be checked – giving one-off routes or verifying things like fuel expenses claims.

Flexible mapping that integrates to your data

Google Maps is one of the most powerful mapping systems on the internet and heavily used across the world by consumers. Using it’s Application Programming Interface (API), Wharncliffe have integrated Maps to applications like Sage 200cloud, Realitex200, Sage CRM, and our Holiday & Expenses system, as well as bespoke applications. Data can be passed from your solutions to Maps in real-time, giving instant information, and results can be fed back into your system for future use. Maps can be used for a range of applications, from route planning, point-to-point validation/checks, and location based information such as reseller closest to consumers.

Features of Google Maps Component

Flexible integration

Wharncliffe’s development team can utilise Google’s to link any map based data into applications like Sage 200cloud, Realitex200, and Sage CRM, or even create new applications utilising maps. 

Expenses system

Google Maps is already integrated into Wharncliffe’s expenses system, providing cross-checks of fuel claims and alerts if more efficient routes should have been taken.

Reseller locations

Use Google Maps to display the location of retailers for your products for consumer enquiries.

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