World’s leading range of scheduling & Planning systems, fully interactive, easy to use decision support tool designed to balance demand with capacity, giving you the ability to model & plan for the complexities of the real world on the factory floor.

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Integrated Manufacturing Planning…

Integrated to your manufacturing solution, Preactor will automatically schedule an individual operation, an entire multi-operation order, or a whole batch of orders, automatically, according to a chosen priority rule as due date, first come first served, value or customer rating. It respects your capacity constraints, giving you the ability to optimise the use of resources whilst minimising work-in-progress & production bottlenecks.

Available in three levels (Standard, Professional, Ultimate) to meet virtually any of your business needs, and with room for growth if needed.


Maximises your resources

Automatic scheduling of orders against your resources to make the most of them whilst delivering the most efficient processing of orders.

Reduce your stock levels

More efficient planning reduces both the raw materials and finished stock you carry, releasing valuable cash back into the business. 

Respects your constraints

Preactor understand the constraints of your resources and factors this into the scheduling, ensuring you don’t over commit to clients. 

Quickly adapt to issues

Preactor allows you to quickly re-plan factoring in resource issues, and deal with the consequences on order dates if needed.

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