Extended Sales Order Price Information

When entering, amending or viewing a sales order line, this new window shows the last 5 unit prices charged for the selected product as well as the standard list price, level of physical stock available, percentage discount off the list price and the current cost price. For foreign accounts, simply click on the currency to toggle all the values between currency and Sterling.

Order Weight

Shows the current order weight on the main order form and is refreshed as lines are added or amended.

Retrospective Stock Report

Extracts a summary of stock movements for specified products over a specific date range, and displays them on screen for review and allows them to be exported to a csv file for opening in Excel. The routine lists the stock, filtered by date, and shows the Opening Balance, SOP In, SOP Out, POP In, POP Out, BOM In, BOM Out, Other In, Other Out, and closing Balance and Value.

Allow Discount Amendment

Allows discounts to be altered on Sales Orders even when the user doesn’t have permission, but only for certain product types. Additionally, this checks that the item is not being sold below cost.

Preferred Supplier Warning

Checks that when a Purchase Order lines are entered that the user has entered it against the correct (preferred) supplier.

Force Cost Entry for Carriage

Make user enter a cost on Miscellaneous type line (i.e. Carriage) when entering Sales Order lines.

Demand Planning Module

Forecast the demand for Sage 200 stock, taking into account stock levels, requested dates, stock history, on order goods, and activity from the previous year. Calculating week by week figures 52 weeks into the future, with the option to exclude some accounts, and the ability to manipulate the forecasts. Changes to the software can also be made to meet any business specific needs.

Enhanced Customer Price Enquiry

Launch View Buying Prices and View Stock Item History directly from Customer Price Enquiry to show information related to the selected product.

Standard Cost Update

Quickly update standard cost prices within Sage 200 via a simple Excel spreadsheet, with the product in one column and the new standard cost price in the other.

Quotation Supplier Prices

When entering a line in a sales quotation, add the best cost price that has been quoted along with the supplier. As the quotation is converted the linked supplier is automatically set as the preferred supplier for the product and the list cost price is added/updated so that when the purchase order is raised the correct cost price is automatically selected.

Rapid Price Maintenance

Rapidly update supplier list cost prices and linked customer price band prices. Supplier cost prices can be updated with an individual new price or a percentage change, whilst the price band prices can be optionally increased by the same percentage at the same time. Alternatively, all price band prices can be increased by a percentage without updating costs.

Historical Transaction Selection

When entering/amending a sales order, view everything that’s been sold to the selected customer for up to the last 5 years, double click on a line to add it to the order. Provides individual user settings to consolidate the history view so only the latest transaction for each product is shown, and limit the range to as little as 1 month. Shows standard products and free text lines, also available for Purchase Orders.

Stock Transaction Report

This is grouped by Transaction type only and totalled by Transaction type. This should assist in the reconciliation of stock movements.

Customer Stock Alias

Allows alias product codes to be stored and used in preference to the standard product codes on customer documents and Sales Order reports.

Customer Favourites

The Customer Favourites module allows a list of favourite stock items to be set up when amending a customer account, which can then be accessed when entering a sales order. While entering an order, historical items and non stock items can also be selected.


The associations system allows a group of sub products to be associated with a top product so that when a top product is added to a quotation, the specified sub products are automatically added. The sub products do not make up the top product, they are optional accessories.

‘Comments Added’ Warning

Warns the user if they have added a line comment to a sales or purchase order but have not unchecked the ‘Show comment on documents’ check box.

Estimate Recalculation

Recalculate estimates to include the value of extra items and auto-populate the invoice description.

Warranty Items

Manage warranty sales orders: prevents invoicing where not approved, and automatically sets individual line values to zero where warranty is accepted.

Multi-Site Deliveries

Record details of multiple delivery drops for individual order lines.

Despatch Confirmation Scanning

Allows products to be confirmed by scanning barcodes during Despatch Confirmation.

Supplier Code Lookup

Search stock items using the supplier part number whilst entering a Sales Order and also when enquiring on stock.

Hide Purchase Unit Prices

Prevents users in specified roles from viewing prices when entering, amending or viewing Purchase Orders.

Stock Shortfalls

An easier to use alternative to the existing Sage 200 functionality. A purchase order can be quickly generated to cover any stock shortfalls for a given supplier.

APC Delivery Labels

Integration with APC software by Courier Logistics makes printing delivery labels easier and automatically records the APC tracking reference.

Convert Quotation

Allows a new quotation to be converted to a Sales Order when saving.

Pallet Notes

Generates pallet note labels with details of the contents including product barcodes.

Stock-take Nominal Variance Override

Redistributes the Nominal variance posted by the stocktake to the individual stock issue Nominal codes held against each stock item

Print Separate Picking Lists

Prints a separate picking lists for each selected Sales Order rather than one large picking list.

Debt Exposure Report

The Exposure Report shows the highest exposure to debt for each customer during any given time period. The report can be previewed on the screen, printed, or exported to a csv file.

Direct Debit Collection Software

Record Direct Debit details on the customer record with options to produce and allocate receipts, and roll-up of cost centre information based on transaction type; optionally use a Sage query code to select transactions for an uploadable CSV for posting to the bank with facilities for manual entries; import transaction from an external invoicing system and produce CSV files to post to the bank.

Rapid Project Issues

Easily add details of multiple products to be issued from the same warehouse and against the same project/project item. Once the list is complete, posting the issues automatically replenishes stock in the warehouse from another specified warehouse wherever possible.

Holidays, Absence, Expenses, and Fuel Management

Add a tab to Sage CRM to allow your users to create holiday requests, claim overtime, expenses, and manage fuel claims, with a range of features to validate data and manage requests/claims. Managers can raise requests, including illness records, on-behalf of their staff, and non-CRM users can be given web browser access.

Head Office Central Account

Redirect multiple branch account transactions into one central head office account for single payment processing, central statements, and single account enquiry.

Extra Info and Images for Stock

Provides an extra tab on Stock Record for storing a range of flexible information, including a link to an image file.

Rapid Stock Item Removal

Allows repaid removal of stock and can also set stock to inactive.

Best Customer Report

Based on Sales Ledger Turnover Report but sorted by Turnover YTD rather than Customer account.

Auto Allocation of orders and bulk picking lists

Lists out SOP Orders that can be despatched and checks sufficient stock. Removes the requirement to allocate outstanding stock and automates the bulk production of picking lists.

Snapshot Critical Moving Data

Grab the current position of data thats constantly moving, for example at the end of each month, to create vital Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for reporting in solutions like Panintelligence. Data like On Order Balance, Debtors, Stock Valuations, Number of Open Service Cases, Value of Open Sales Opportunities, Bank Balance, etc etc, give you ideal indicators to the business trends and performance. Flexibility to generate single figure data or a history of values for projections.

Find Due Stock for Alternative products in Sales Order Processing

During the process of adding lines, this Add-on allows the user to search for alternative stock items that are set-up on the system, and list them. From there they can identify what purchase orders are active for those items, and both the requested and due dates. They can also see stock levels and can replace the current product they are on with a newly selected one.


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