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If you’re happy with the level of support you’re receiving from the Wharncliffe team, then why not refer our Sage business services to a client or contact?

Our Sage referral scheme is quick, easy and a fabulous way to get some extra money in the bank! We’ll pay you for every lead that results in a meeting with the referred party, plus commission on any order made. And as well as the money you receive, you’ll also get the nice, warm glow that comes from helping another business to benefit from our great service. As one of the largest Sage business partners in the UK, and with over 3 decades of experience, you can be sure that your referral makes great business sense for everyone.

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Referring is as easy as 1, 2, 3… 4

Contact us

Contact us by phone, email or via form below to register your lead, and we’ll take it from there!

01226 361100


Lead fee

We’ll contact them, and if they agree to a meeting, we’ll confirm your lead fee of £250.



As soon as we’ve met with the referred business we’ll cough up the cash to you or your charity!




When they sign, we’ll pay you 10% of the 1st year of subscription or initial software value.

Your 10%

Support YAA or nominate the charity of your choice?

If you prefer, you can donate your referral fee to charity, either our partnered charity or one thats close to you. We’re delighted to say that our partnered charity is the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, a long-standing Sage 200 customer of Wharncliffe.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance needs to raise £12,000 a day to keep both helicopters maintained and in the air. The donations received go directly into the life saving service they provide Yorkshire. However, as an independent Charity they rely on the generosity of those who support the service to continue to save lives. 

Getting in touch…

Getting the answers you need is simple! You can call a member of our experienced team or a speak to our dedicated and knowledgeable sales team who can simply speak to you over the phone, arrange a meeting with you, or arrange a demonstration tailored to your business requirements.

01226 361 100

We reserve the right to reject any lead prior to contacting the referred company in some circumstances, such as where we feel it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements to fit a Sage 200cloud, Realitex200 or Sage CRM implementation. We also reserve the right to refuse future referral leads based upon the performance of previous leads provided. We can only accept one lead at a time to ensure we’re able to validate the quality and legitimacy of the lead.

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