Making sage work for business


Documents are stored within Sage 200

Real-time Data Availability

Integrated & Maintained in Sage 200

Compatible with most scanners for direct scan

Integrates with Sicon Approvals system

Enhance your document management processes by cutting back on paperwork, improving the efficiency of your business and allowing you greater access to your documents. Attach documents, emails, orders and transactions within Sage 200, either by using a desktop scanner, browsing from a network location or via ‘drag & drop’ from an email.

Document Distribution can be used to make the emailing of documents to customers or suppliers as efficient as possible, while automatically archiving them at the same time.

The Document Automation module is available at an additional cost and can be used to enable the ability for suppliers to email their invoices directly into your business. Those invoices can then processed in Sage 200 with minimum effort.

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Features & Benefits of Sicon Documents

Sage 200 Integrated

written within the Sage 200 development environment working seamlessly with standard Sage features.

Real-time Data

Email and archive important documents such as Purchase Orders, Sales Invoices etc. using pre-defined templates.

Easy to use

Drag and drop attachments directly onto the Sicon Add Docs button for ease of filing of your business documents.


Approvals Integration

Documents integrates with Sicon Approvals to show documents added within Sage 200 on the elements that require approval.

Backed up

Documents are stored within the Sage 200 attachments path to ensure all documents are backed up within your Sage backup plan.

Create Opportunities

Document indexing information is stored within the Sage 200 SQL database for fast and efficient document searching.

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