Barcoding & Warehousing

Integrated with Sage 200 stock and order processing, utilise low-cost handhelds devices to pick and despatch orders, receive stock in, carry out stock takes, and much more!

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Order picking and stock management are one of the core operations of almost any business, so improving the speed, accuracy, and processing of these areas can bring massive benefits, not only in better stock management but also in the timescales from order to despatch, and as a result, customers service and satisfaction can be increased. All leading to a far healthier bottom line, and with the potential for reduced stock, a healthier bank balance too!

Pick & despatch sales orders

Rapidly pick sales orders, confirm picks, and despatch goods with a Sales 200 despatch note.

Receive stock from POs

Book in new stock against Purchase Orders, putting away into existing or new bin with optional labels.

Carry out stock takes

Fully integrated with Sage 200 stock take facilities for quick and accurate stock checking and updating.

Add or write-off stock

Add ‘found’ stock back into Sage 200, and write-off damaged to maintain accurate stock availability. 

Take a look at receiving stock from a Purchase Order…

Through this short video you can see an example of the handheld user interface (shown on a larger screen) and take a look at how the solution seemlessly integrates with Sage 200, whilst providing a range of additional features that will further improve the receipt, location of stock, and preparation for onward processing through the use of your own labels for example.

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Save Time

Reduces workload across stock and order processing, utilising a range of low-cost, easy to use, Android based handheld devices.


Reduce Timescales

Order to picking time can be reduced, with updates immediately reflected, and stock in made available for allocation quicker.

Reduce Errors

Barcode scanning and digital processing significantly reduces the risks of costly operator errors whilst maintaining accurate data.


Increase Stock Accuracy

Improve not only the speed of stock being updated, but also the quality of stock information on the system, and therefore available to customers.


Improve Stock Locations

Put away stock in new and existing bin locations to maintain accurate and up-to-date stock location data for easier picking and stock taking.

Available on Subscription

No capital investment required with the low monthly subscription, along with low cost handheld devices, and easy to use software.

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