Customer Feedback

Service is critical! That’s why we have a rolling survey system that randomly polls customers for their experience of our support, implementation, and installation team’s services – checkout our overall rating and feedback below.

Recent feedback…

John’s Sage 200 Support

"Quickly resolved and good to have an instruction that can be printed and followed" Thank you to Deirdre at KHL for this 'Excellent' customer feedback following John's recent Sage 200 support.

Ashleigh’s Sage 200 Support

Thank you to Tom at DWSL for the 'Excellent' customer feedback following Ashleigh's recent #Sage200 support.

John’s Sage 200 Support

"...John got back to me very quickly and confirmed my corrective action as the right way to fix the issue." 😃 Thank you Andrew for the 'Excellent' #CustomerFeedback following...

John’s Realitex200 Support

"The usual exemplary service from John... Please save the postage and give him my "treats" 😃 Thank you Ian at RL  for the 'Excellent' rating and #CustomerFeedback following John's recent #Realitex200...

John’s Sage 200 Support

"Really quick response and action to sort the problem out. Thanks" 😃Cheers Bob for the 'Excellent' rating and #CustomerFeedback following John's #Sage200 support.

Ashleigh’s Sage 200 Support

"Excellent as always ; - )" Thank you Daniela and WCL for the 'Excellent' #CustomerFeedback following Ashleigh's #Sage200 support.

Alan’s Realitex200 Support

"Phone call was returned immediately and query sorted out just as quick - thanks Alan!!"  Thanks Julie for the 'Excellent' Customer Service feedback following Alan's #Realitex200...

Mick’s Backup Support

Another 'Excellent' rating for the team!  Thank you Steve at CLL for his latest  Customer Feedback following Mick's backup support.

Ashleigh’s Sage 200 Support

"As usual, a fast response and the problem resolved. Thanks Wharncliffe!" Thank you Sue at ADNG for the 'Excellent' rating and Customer Feedback following Ashleigh's recent #Sage200 support.

Shaun’s Training & Consultancy

"Shaun is as always very helpful & Knowledgeable. Great help for what we have to come with the upgrade & fresh data" Thank you to Janine at BSL for the 'Excellent' rating and #CustomerFeedback following Shaun's Training & Consultancy...

Mick’s Microsoft Support

Another 'Excellent' rating!  Thank you to Jordon at DL for the 'excellent' #CustomerFeedback following...

Mick’s Sophos Support

'Excellent'  Thanks Valerie for the Customer Feedback rating following Mick's recent Sophos support.

John’s Sage 200 Support

Thank you to Tom at ANGL for the 'Excellent' Customer Feedback following John's Sage 200 support.

Mick’s email support

"Very efficient!"  Thank you Mick (MLBL) for the very kind words and 'Excellent' Customer Feedback following...

Latest Survey Results

  • 16/11/18: Darren at WCL rated Mark’s infrastructure support as ‘Good’

  • 16/11/18: Iman at BYL rated Shaun’s Sage support as ‘Good’

  • 15/11/18: Eileen at FTL rated Sarah’s Sage support as ‘Excellent’

  • 15/11/18: Beverley at ACL rated John’s Realitex support as ‘Excellent’

  • 15/11/18: Kirsty at PEL rated John’s Sage support as ‘Excellent’

  • 15/11/18: Jane at BYL rated Ashleigh’s Sage support as ‘Good’

John’s Sage 200 Support

"Outstanding service from start to finish. John did an excellent job of fixing the problem"  A big thank you to Jacqueline at RL for the 'Excellent' rating and Customer Feedback following John's Sage 200...

Mick’s IT support

"As usual Mick sorted everything for me. Thank you Mick"  Thanks to Carole at CL for the 'Excellent' rating and #CustomerFeedback following Mick's...

Alan’s Realitex200 support

"As always Alan resolved the issue straight away, with no fuss." Thanks to Kirsty at CCL for the 'Excellent' rating and #CustomerFeedback following Alan's recent #Realitex200 support.

Victoria’s training and consultancy

"Victoria is brilliant at what she does and ensures that we are 100% fully confident and happy before she leaves us with the system..." Thank you Vicky at ANG for this 'Excellent' rating and #CustomerFeedback following Victoria's training and consultancy session!

John’s Sage 200 Support

Thank you Kim at ELT for the 'Excellent' #CustomerFeedback following John's #Sage200 support.