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Eureka Addons are award-winning enhancements to the Sage 200, designed to expand the capabilities and functionalities of Sage software, allowing you to streamline your business processes. 

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Expand your Sage 200 capability and functionality and streamline your business processes…

As one of the UK’s leading Sage Developers, we have unique technical expertise in the market, with over 159 products and 1500 bespoke projects, we have all the tools to complement and enhance Sage to improve your business processes.

Data Exchange provides seamless data integration between Sage 200 and third-party systems including e-commerce websites, warehousing software, external ERP and CRM systems, bespoke software, or industry-specific solutions. Out of the box connectors are available for Shopify, eBay, Amazon and ChannelAdvisor, and the option of Magento specific integrations.

Data Exchange transfers information between these systems and Sage 200 without manual intervention. This eliminates the requirement for manual re-keying of information, cutting data entry time in half. Automating the transfer of data ensures data accuracy by removing the opportunity for human error.

Sales Order Plus for Sage 200 has the power to increase your product sales and significantly speed up the order entry process, providing all the required product and customer information from one screen. Fully integrated with Sage 200 the module is designed to streamline the sales order entry process, without losing any of the functionality of standard Sage 200.

Sales Order Plus has the potential to increase sales with its built-in cross-selling prompts which encourage staff to maximise opportunities by offering additional complementary products. This solution can benefit any business which processes sales orders, particularly telesales and trade counter environments where rapid order entry and sales history information are vital.

Still need more? The Plus Pack for Sage 200 consists of over 80 individual Add-ons which enhance Sage 200 functionality and efficiency. This pack has grown and evolved over time as a result of feedback from our customers and offers incredible value for money. The add-ons contained in the Plus Pack are honed to streamline existing processes and offer additional functionalities unavailable in Sage 200 as standard.

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Data Exchange

Data Exchange allows you to connect your systems to synchronise the flow of data throughout your organisation, freeing up resources to reinvest in growth, & removing manual processing.


Sales Order Plus

Sales Order Plus provides the tools to access information and process orders, quickly and accurately from within one form helping you process orders 10x faster than in standard Sage 200.


Plus Pack

The Plus Pack for Sage 200 contains over 80 Addons designed to enhance the functionalities of standard Sage 200 and streamline processes, saving up to 8 weeks of employee time per year.

Improve Cross-sales

In addition to the many other benefits of Sales Order Plus, you can also potentially increase sales through cross-selling prompts that remind your team to offer complementary products.


E-commerce Integration

Data Exchange provides Sage 200 connectors for Shopify, eBay, Amazon and ChannelAdvisor, and has the option of Magento specific integrations.

Bespoke Facilities

If these add-ons don’t meet your requirements our inhouse development team, can provide unique enhancements that will enhance your business and improve your competitive advantage.

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