Qnect 50

Qnect 50 for Sage CRM is a real-time integration component that links Sage CRM to Sage 50 Accounts. View your Customers Financials, Orders, Quotes and Invoices directly within Sage CRM. Create Accounts from Prospects, Post Order from CRM, and more…

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Drive profitability with efficient business processes

Do your customer service and sales reps struggle to obtain a single view of customers? Does your finance department strive to recognise revenues on time? Would you like to fulfil orders in a timely manner? It’s time to get a better return on your data by integrating your Sage 50 Accounts Systems with Sage CRM.

Qnect 50 for Sage CRM is a real-time integration component that links Sage CRM to Sage 50 accounts which will deliver substantial cost benefits to your organisation, increasing efficiency and accuracy in the management of CRM Accounts, Products, Quotations and Orders at an affordable cost.


CRM Integration

Access the latest data straight from your CRM database. Allowing them to instantly access the latest prices, updates and stock levels before committing to a delivery.


Real-time Visibility

Access information from almost anywhere, without wasting resources on data extraction and pulling information together. Allowing you to make more informed, faster decisions.

Valuable Insight

Manage, orders, finances and customer insight in one solution, designed to help you keep on top of your business. Access data easily, work smarter & ensure your whole business runs efficiently.


Data & Information

Qnect 50 provides financial information such as current balance, credit limit, MTD/YTD/Prior YTD Sales and warnings, for example over credit limit, terms not agreed, or on stop.

Using Sage CRM combined with Qnect 50 you can enjoy better business insight, greater efficiencies, increased productivity, and a single, customer-centric view across your entire business. Improve inter-departmental communications by enabling different departments to work with the same information and collaborate effectively.

Reduce duplication of data and of work by giving employees a means of updating a single, central database. Make more informed business decisions by providing managers with a better view of your business and customers.

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Sync Sage 50 & CRM

Import/synchronises Sage 50 accounts customer, supplier, products, price lists, people, phone numbers, emails and addresses with Sage CRM.

View Orders & History

Allow your Sage CRM users to view real-time orders status, despatch and allocation for new or historic orders and the associated invoices.


Create quotes & orders

Access the latest product pricing and identify if the customer is on stop or has available credit before committing to fulfil the order.

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