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As functional as Sage 200 and Realitex200 are, they can’t meet every requirement for every business, Sicon additions provide those extra features & functionality to bring even more benefits to your business, extending the range and returns your systems already deliver.

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Audit Log

Designed to track changes to fields in core modules such as nominal, sales, purchase & cash book.

Barcoding & Warehousing

Integrated in real time with the Sage 200 stock and order processing modules.

Cash Flow

Design your cash flow format including bank accounts, sales, purchase, orders, nominal and ad-hoc spending.



Designed to control periodic billing of clients and the management of deferred revenues and costs.

Construction & CIS

Capture costs from purchase orders, invoices, stock issues and labour to create reliable and accurate costings.

(CIS) Construction Industry Scheme

Track changes in core modules such as nominal, sales, purchase & cash book.

Direct Debit Integration

An integrated module making collecting funds simpler, faster and more efficient.



Reduce stock holdings, manage trends, increase telesales and incorporate sales forecasting.


Enhancement Pack

Sicon has created over 90 enhancements for Sage 200 that are too small to become products on their own.


Carry out purchase invoice apportionment, nominal journals, cash transfers and stock transfers.


Job Costing

Integrating with Purchase ledger, SOP, POP, Stock, Time Recording & Works Order Processing.


Create parts lists using Sage 200 stock items that can be allocated and issued to make a finished product.



Sicon manufacturing addition is made up of job costing, works order processing & estimating modules.


Material and Resource Planning

Included suggested works orders, suggested purchase orders and more.

Sicon CRM

Company, contact, case, opportunity, tasks, notes and reminders all fully integrated with Sage 200.


Sicon Fixed Assets

Manage your Fixed Assets with this fully integrated asset management solution for Sage 200.

Sicon Hire

Create hire documentation, schedule people & equipment, control pricing and generate one off or periodic invoices.


(WOP) Works Order Processing

Enhanced functionality to the Sage 200 BOM module, ideal manufacturing.

(WAP) Web Authorisation

Allows easy data entry and approval processing for business documents.

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Extending Sage 200

Sicon’s addons and software solutions complement the extensive features of Sage 200 or Realitex200 and meet the needs of customers where standard functionality doesn’t fit the bill.


Regular Updates

Sicon’s development team are constantly working to deliver even better solutions, not only updating the current products from customer feedback, but also adding new ones!

Wide Range of Benefits

Whether it’s improving warehouse, finance, distribution, manufacturing, or construction processing, or simply better auditing, Sicon have an addon/software application to benefit your business.

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