Sicon Distribution

Fully integrated with the Sage 200 Stock and Order Processing modules, Sicon Distribution is designed to improve costing, reduce stock holdings, manage seasonal trends, increase telesales productivity, and deliver sales forecasting.

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Fully integrated with Sage 200 Stock & Order Processing…

Sicon Distribution is designed specifically as an enhancement for Sage 200 through full integration with the Sage 200 Stock and Order Processing modules to manage the requirements of distribution organisation’s to improve costing, reduce stock holdings, manage seasonal trends, increase telesales productivity and incorporate sales forecasting within future stock projections and suggested purchase order creation.

Consisting of nine individual modules, you can simply implement the modules your business needs with the option to add to them at a later date.

Stock Matrix

Handling the creation of colour/size/style/season stock items with grid style SOP/POP order entry for speed of processing.


Sales Order Management

Enhancement for sales processing including, copy historical orders, complimentary, superseded and discontinued products.


Future Sales

Using historical sales and seasonal trends to assist in the forecasting of future sales demand to drive purchase recommendations.

Maintained within Sage 200

Forms an integral part of your Sage 200 solution for a seamless user experience and access directly from within the Sage 200 menus.

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Warehouse Replenishment

Warehouse Replenishment is ideal for business needing to top up multiple remote warehouses such as engineer vans, consignment warehouses and production plants.

Material Planning

Providing suggested purchase orders to handle future stock shortages. Using current stock levels, sales order and other demand to determine when stock is required based on supplier lead time.

Reserves & Call Offs

Hold allocated stock for customers within Sage 200 and release via SOP or directly from the reserve. Use SOP & POP contacts to manage commitment to purchase and track progress.


Container Management

Manage the full cycle of container creation, linking multiple purchase orders, manage the stages of loading, travel and customs clearance.

PO Management

Enhancement for purchasing including supplier delivery KPI’s, inspection of goods, expanded landed costs, supplier qty breaks and min order values.


Pre-Allocation Management

Link purchase orders with sales orders to ensure immediate allocation at goods in. Edit and manage pre-allocations between orders.

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