The Sophos product range provides unparalleled levels of protection for your servers, PCs, laptops, and other devices from one of the biggest threats facing businesses – viruses, malware and ransomware.

Anti-Virus Protection

Servers, PCs, Laptops, and other devices remain continually vulnerable to the ongoing threat of viruses which cripple your business – Sophos protects against Viruses and other malicious software.

Stop Ransomware

CryptoGuard in Sophos uses behavioral analysis to stop never-before-seen ransomware and boot-record attacks, making it the most advanced anti-ransomware technology available.

Centralised Management

With a single console and email based alerting, combined with Wharncliffe’s years of Sophos knowledge, you can ensure your business is being protected at all times with any issues identified and actioned quickly.

Remove one of the biggest threats to your business

The Sophos product range provides unparalleled levels of protection for your servers, PCs, laptops, and other devices from one of the biggest threats facing businesses – viruses, malware and ransomware. Through it’s constantly updated information on attacks, and machine based intelligent learning/identification, Sophos detects and eliminates threats before they can cripple your business.

Given the massive returns involved, Ransomware remains a massive threat to businesses of any level – cyber-criminal are looking for vulnerable systems to infect, encrypt the core data over a period of days or weeks (removing the ability to restore to backups in the process), and forcing business and organisations, large or small to pay a large ransom without any guarantee they’ll get their data back! As a result, your business needs the protection of systems like Sophos.

With more than 10 years of experience in implementing and supporting Sophos solutions, the Wharncliffe team can provide the advice, help, and ongoing assistance to ensure your business is as protected as possible from the ever evolving threats from malicious software. 

In addition to Sophos, Wharncliffe also provide a range of backup solutions to help protect against any attacks, including Cloud based backups with unlimited copies of your data, and server replication to on-premise or Cloud servers. Further protection is available through Firewall hardware to protect and secure access to your business network.

Sophos XG Firewall

XG Firewall is comprehensive next-generation firewall protection thats easy to set up and manage. It blocks unknown threats, automatically responds to security incidents by isolating compromised systems, and exposes hidden user, application, and threat risks on the network to prevent potential issues from becoming real problems. Centralised Management: Take advantage of the new Sophos Central Integration.

Superior Visibility Into Threats and Risks:
Visual traffic-light style dashboard and rich on-box reporting
Xstream SSL Inspection with support for TLS 1.3
Insights into risky users, advanced threats, and suspicious payloads
CASB cloud application visibility and control
Synchronized Application Control to discover all networked apps

The Best Protection From the Latest Threats:
Full suite of advanced protection thats easy to manage
New Threat Intelligence analysis of files using AI
The best of Intercept X is now in Sandstorm
Deep learning, exploit detection, CryptoGuard
Top performing IPS Engine as tested by NSS Labs

Unique Isolation of Infected Systems:
Synchronised Security and Security Heartbeat
Integrated endpoint health into dynamic firewall rules
Automatically identifies and isolates infected systems
Turns hours of response time into minutes or seconds

Features of Sophos

Server Security

Protect the critical applications and data at the core of your organization, whether that data is on physical servers, virtual servers, or in the cloud.

End-to-End Protection

To stop the widest range of threats, Sophos employs a comprehensive defense-in-depth approach to endpoint protection rather than simply relying on one technique.

AI Driven

The artificial intelligence built into Sophos is a deep learning neural network, an advanced form of machine learning that detects both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures.

Exploit Prevention

Sophos denies attackers by blocking the exploits and techniques used to distribute malware, steal credentials, and escape detection. This allows Sophos to ward off evasive hackers and zero-day attacks in your network.

Malware Cleanup

Sophos includes the industry’s most powerful malware cleaner. While most virus cleaners simply remove offending malware files, Sophos Clean provides forensic-level remediation, eradicating malicious code and eliminating nasty registry key changes created by malware.

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