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Fully integrated with your Office 365 Outlook email, save time, reduce errors, deliver consistency, enhance your image, and streamline your communication through shared, easy to create and flexible Outlook email templates.

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Email is a critical part of virtually every business and is the main form of communication for most businesses with their customers. Yet users are often creating emails to customers from scratch each time, often leading to loss of content, typing and other mistakes, inconsistencies, and missed opportunities! 

Ant Text is a powerful add-on to Office 365 email that allows the creation of stylish emails which can be designed individually to meet each requirement, stored centrally in a folder structure with separate access security, and shared with the relevant users.


    Create Stylish Templates

    Using the power and flexibility of Outlook, Ant Text allows you to create and save designed email templates for use by individuals and across the business.

    Share Anywhere

    Ant Text adds the capability to share email templates within a folder structure with access control at an individual level so your team can get the emails they need wherever they are.


    Consistent and Error Free

    Using template emails ensures everyone in your business is sending consistent messages whilst avoiding the errors that creep in when creating emails.

    The Power of Snippets

    Full template emails are great, but you can also make use of Ant Text to provide pre-formatted, regularly used text for users to insert into their own emails too!

    Intelligent branding email templates…

    Clicking an icon in Outlook then gives users quick and simple access to the folders to select the required template which is then immediately placed in the new or reply email. Simple but powerful and flexible features allow rich content to be created using pictures, links, video, graphics, tables etc, as well as tagged fields which prompt users to enter variable information like names and dates and instantly updates these throughout the email before it is sent.

    Because you know the templates are going to be used over and over again, you can spend time making them the best they can be, safe in the knowledge that there are no mistakes in them. But don’t worry, they’re not set in stone, not only can you easily change the template whenever you need to, but the users also have the ability to call them up and make changes to meet individual requirements such as personalising them. You can even create what we call snippets – small amounts of pre-worded and pre-formatted text to insert into an email the user is creating.

    Ant Text has the ability to send small batches of the same email quickly and easily. Using a spreadsheet holding the email addresses and other optional information like contact first name, customer name and so on, Ant Text will call in each row of the spreadsheet, populate the information into a template email, and send them one at a time in the background – making easy work of sending personalised emails from an individual or group email address to a selected number of contacts. The spreadsheet can easily be created using solutions like Sage CRM.

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    Rich Content

    Because templates will be used over and over again you can invest a small amount of time to get the content just right, including options for pictures, link to your or other web sites, videos, etc.

    Banners & Headers

    Give your email top banners to create a header that adds a professional “letterhead” image, with facilities for links to your web site and social media – enhancing your branding.


    Prompted Fields

    The templates can be designed with tagged fields for content – when the template is used a prompt allows the field data to be easily entered and updated into the email before sending.

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