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 The best Outlook integration for Sage CRM! Store emails against companies, contacts, sales opportunities and cases, including attachments, and log call details quickly and easily, all from within Outlook.

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Convert emails to Companies, Contacts, Sales and Cases, and file incoming and outgoing emails, with attachments, in Sage CRM quickly and easily without leaving Outlook (where most of us spend most of our day!).

You can also log call information directly from within Outlook to the Sage CRM Opportunity or Case, saving time locating it in CRM. With Accelerator you get the best Outlook to Sage CRM integration for any CRM system. Right from the start you see value being added to your business.

Use Email and shared documents to allow your staff to provide a consistent customer experience.

Update CRM data in Outlook

Convert emails to Companies, Contacts, Sales and Cases. File emails, attachments and log call information.  Get the best Outlook to Sage CRM integration for any CRM system.

Create CRM email templates

Use CRM email Templates to standardise the voice of your business and provide a consistent experience for your customers. Processes can be more easily followed and implemented.


File emails and documents

File full emails with attachments so everyone can see the full context (including images). The system is also smart enough to know to exclude small images like social media icons.


View customer history

View the customer data automatically. Including sales and issues. From Outlook you can click on a person and see all their data in Sage CRM and start working through workflow.

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The best Sage CRM Outlook integration…

CRM’s shared documents allow you to have a central repository of documents that can be attached right from within Outlook. Using CRM’s email templates from Outlook allows you to define a consistent company voice and standardise responses to customer queries and issues.

Mail merge any entity to Word, PDF and Email. Accelerators Word Mail merge tool brings you the power to create templates yourself and to provide a standard process for producing customer documents.

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