Integrate your procedures, processes, troubleshooting, etc into your Sage CRM Tasks to create dynamic action plans your team can “tick off”, ensuring consistency every time! 

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Fully intergrated with your Sage CRM solution…

Rather than, or alongside static written procedure/process, create a Guide that breaks the process into Actions. When a user is tasked to do something you link the appropriate Guide and they can follow the Guide through the process, completing each Action as they work through the Task. They, and other users, can then see what’s complete and what’s left to do, and everyone can follow a standardised process.

Create, edit & share within minutes

Create, edit and share fully interactive Guides with your team, updated quickly and easily as requirements change.

Assign Guides to specific people

Security settings control the visibility and access of Guides to protect content and prevent any incorrect editing.


Fully integrated with Sage CRM

Integrate your procedures, processes,  troubleshooting, etc into your Sage CRM solution to make it a natural part of everyone’s work.

Utilise rich text formatting

Images, links, fonts, bullet points etc can all be used to create as simple or detailed a Guide as needed.  

Features like Groups and Resetting make Guides even more flexible…

Actions can be grouped so that multiple actions can be excluded in one click if they are not relevant to the particular Task, and Guides can be reset when linked to recurring Tasks like month-end processing for example – carry out the Actions, reset the Guide, and move the next action date of the Task to the end of next month.

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Create professional guides within minutes

The simple, east to use browser-based editor can be picked up in minutes and Guides changed quickly and easily.

Stop mistakes and create consistency

Everyone works off the same Guide which is an interactive part of their everyday tasks.

New starters can pick-up processes quickly

Step-by-step Action driven Guides, linked into the Tasks, means users can start working on new tasks easily.

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