Sage CRM Add-ons

Over the years we developed a range of additional facilities and have summarised these on this add-ons page – we’d encourage you to take a few minutes to read through these very useful additional features.

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Project Management

Track, action, and share the tasks for projects, internally and optionally externally, using Sage CRM’s wide-range of facilities and our web based project solution. Group tasks into lists, add comments, and access through a highly visual dashboard solution.

Holidays, Absence, Expenses, and Fuel Management

Add a tab to Sage CRM to allow your users to create holiday requests, claim overtime, expenses, and manage fuel claims, with a range of features to validate data and manage requests/claims. Managers can raise requests, including illness records, on-behalf of their staff, and non-CRM users can be given web browser access.

Candidate Matching

Allow skills and attributes to be stored against candidates in CRM. Match these candidates to vacancies based on these skills and also distances.

Realitex200 Sales, Service, and Sampling Module

Deliver realtime sales, order and account information to your field based sales teams through Sage CRM. Optionally integrate Realitex200’s Service Management facilities into Sage CRM for visibility and additional management. Deliver sample management and tracking through Sage CRM.

Warranty Tracking

Ensure Warranty details including renewal/expiry dates are logged against customers in CRM. Make use of alerts and dashboards to monitor these with an option of logging cases and linking these to Warranty items.

Sample Requests

Allow office and field sales users to have the ability to request samples to be produced and sent to clients. Workflow allows for an approval cycle to be built in if required. Users will also have the ability to check the status of existing sample requests.

Quick and Easy Quoting

Making use of the Sage 200 quotation methods, this module allows users the ability to easily create a quote by simply ticking the items to include rather than building a line by line quote. There is then the option to convert these quotes to Sage 200 orders if required.

Customers Surveys

Send out feedback surveys to your customers and get their feedback straight into CRM. You can periodically send customer satisfaction survey, support surveys when closing Cases or feedback on visits to customers by your staff.

Customer Cases Portal

Allow customers to submit, track and update their Cases through a portal that can integrate with your website.

Loqate GBG

Global data verification and geocoding solution which provides an easy way to verify and enrich Sage 200, Sage CRM, and Realitex200 data, giving improved data quality and enhancing customer experience.

CRM Accelerator

Convert emails to companies, contacts, sales and cases. File emails, attachments and log call details with Outlook integration.

Ant Text

Fully integrated with your Office 365 Outlook email, save time, reduce errors, deliver consistency, enhance your image, and streamline your communication through shared, easy to create and flexible Outlook email templates.

Mobile X

Log phone call notes and emails. Navigate your data and view your sales pipeline. With Mobile X your Sage CRM system becomes the most powerful collaboration tool in your business.

Snapshot Critical Moving Data

Grab the current position of data that’s constantly moving, for example at the end of each month, to create vital Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for reporting in solutions like Panintelligence. Data like On Order Balance, Debtors, Stock Valuations, Number of Open Service Cases, Value of Open Sales Opportunities, Bank Balance, etc etc, give you ideal indicators to the business trends and performance. 

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