Obtaining the data you need, when you need it can be difficult. Panintelligence offers real time self-service reports, as well as clear visualisation and scheduled reporting and is fully integrated with Realitex200Sage 200cloud and Sage CRM solutions.

Data in Real-time

See your business data in real-time wherever and whenever you want to access it, allowing you to be fully up to date and make key business decisions instantly based on what you see.

Data Visualisation

See your data in charts, graphs, and other manageable formats, making it much easier to interpret information, leading to better decision-making and reduced reporting times.

Scheduled Reports

In addition to viewing charts and reports in real-time you can also have them emailed to users on a per-report schedule without needing to access Panintelligence or a user licence. 

It can be difficult accessing the data you need within software applications, especially when you’re trying to understand what the figures are telling you. There’s often too much or too little detail, and the format (list reports for example) make it hard to easily see the trends and understand what the data is telling you. Panintelligence, combined with Wharncliffe’s expertise, provides a dashboard of specific charts, which can be tailored to user level, delivering information on multiple areas of your application and across several applications. Login once and see charts on your Sage 200/Realitex200 sales, purchases, stock, on your CRM opportunities and service performance, and your other business applications – all real-time so you are always up to date.

You can compare multiple companies – not just sales performance but customer profitability, stock movement, or even customer spending trends. We make data visual and easy to understand, so that you don’t have to trawl through spreadsheets or rely on monthly management reports to make decisions.

Panintelligence is an out-of-the-box solution which can plug straight into your Sage 200, Realitex200, and Sage CRM systems. Not only can you get the top-line sales performance, but you can also project trends out and check these against your budgets. Look at customers who are growing and those who aren’t, and also see their buying patterns and spot new opportunities.

See which products are growing and if your margins are growing with them; Panintelligence gives you the data you need to keep planning ahead, but it also ensures that you keep track of current orders and what you need to do to close more business day to day.

Your field based sales team, directors, and stakeholders can login securely from anywhere, on virtually any device, to get the up-to-date performance position, and prepared for client meetings or even check data during the meeting! 

Features of Panintelligence

Preconfigured for your Sage and Realitex200 software

Panintelligence Dashboard comes preconfigured for Sage 200, Sage CRM, and Realitex200, giving you instant access to a range of business charts/reports out of the box.

Report on everything

Being preconfigured, Panintelligence allows you to report on everything within your Sage 200, Sage CRM, Realitex200, and other solution data, giving you a single central insight into your key business data.

Compare your data with others

The ability to compare data such as sales and performance, stock movements, & customer spending trends to name a few, this gives you invaluable insight allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Clear and simple visual reporting

Panintelligence makes your data visual and easier to understand so you don’t have to trawl through spreadsheets or rely on already out of date monthly management reports.

KPI alerts

Define thresholds in your data allowing anybody in your business to get an automated alert informing them of issues needing attention or targets that may be being missed/exceeded. 

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