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Replace your teams’ manual work with automatic processing!

Replace manual inputting of invoice data with automated document capturing to post directly into Sage 200, with optional purchase order matching and approval processes based on rules you define.

Inefficient and costly manual inputting of invoice data can become a thing of the past. Capturing invoice data into Sage 200 is an easy and reliable process using intelligent Purchase Invoice Recognition alongside Spindle Document Management.

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Key benefits of Purchase Invoice Recognition include:

  • Speed up invoice processing time
  • Reduce cost of processing invoices
  • Decrease risk of human error
  • Fast return on investment
  • Ongoing optimisation service

Instead of typing in all the details of a purchase invoice to post it on the ledger, users can simply scan/import a purchase invoice, with or without a purchase order.

The software then recognises the invoice data, including at line-item level for invoices relating to a purchase order, the invoice can then, if required, be matched against a purchase order.

and/or good received note (GRN) using an extensive set of rules, optionally sent for approval based on rules and criteria you define, before being automatically posted into Sage 200 with the Invoice document archived against the created Sage 200 transaction for access at any time.

Requires: Spindle Document Management

This solution is an extension of the highly popular Spindle Document Management solution.

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Features & Benefits of Purchase Invoice Recognition


Offers Thorough Document Analysis

Uses advanced OCR (optical character recognition) technology to automate the purchase invoice process.

Extensive Invoice Verification

Matches up invoice data at line level against your purchase orders bringing even greater efficiency.


Electronic Approval

Purchase invoices can be sent for approval based on configurable rules. Ensuring your invoices are verified before payment.

Invoice Recognition

Capturing invoice data into Sage 200 is an easy and reliable process using the intelligent Purchase Invoice Recognition.


Precise Data Extraction

Automatically extracts  invoice data, such as supplier, invoice number and line items using Canon’s proven technology.

Easy Setup

This solution needs no prior training to recognise most purchase invoices, meaning you can start getting the benefit from day one.

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