Sage 200 Finanicals

Leading accounting software specifically adapted for your industry. Realitex200 is seamlessly and fully integrated into Sage’s flagship financials module.

Stock, Sales & More

Comprehensive management and processing of the most complex requirement built from over 30 years of experience in linear stock and order implementations.

Immediate Benefits

Maximise processing, minimise costs and simplify your workflows with a range of modules that bring benefits to all aspects of your business.

Smart, sophisticated carpet, flooring and
fabric software

When you’re in carpets, flooring, artificial grass, textiles or soft furnishings, the standard software just won’t cut it – your processes are complex and your business management needs are extensive. That’s why the experts here at Wharncliffe have developed the UK’s leading system for your specialised business… competitively priced, and designed to make you competitive too.

So what makes Realitex200 the real deal? For starters, it can handle the complexities associated with the efficient stock management of cut-lengths, rolls, colour batches and traceability – sounds great, right? Add to this paperless warehouse management, e-commerce, apps, web-based business intelligence and more and you get the picture that it’s a complete solution.

But what about the financials? Well, Realitex200 is super-charged with Sage 200 accounting capabilities – and it doesn’t matter if you operate in distribution, manufacturing or retail, it delivers amazing automated basics, tailored task functions and complete control. Nice!

Finally, with more than 30 years experience, we have references at many well-known names in your specialised sector.

The latest Realitex200 news…

Introducing Realitex200 .Net

Wharncliffe is delighted to announce the next generation of our market-leading solution for carpet, flooring, textiles, and artificial grass, code named: Realitex200 .Net. Delivering the very latest in software design and user interface benefits, this super-charged...

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Business management software for carpets, flooring, fabrics and soft furnishings – clever commercials

Manage and perfect your entire carpet and floor coverings supply chain with Realitex200

In all areas of procurement, stock, sales, distribution, accounts and analysis, Realitex200 provides the enterprise-wide business information and firm management control you need to balance increased profitability whilst delivering consistently high service levels.

Realitex200 is easy to use and quick to deploy. It’s a solution that has been developed for your specialised market sector and is designed to give you the ability to make smart decisions that impact your margins and improve your cash flow—ultimately driving your business success. Realitex200 now uses the latest .net technology on the cloud or on-premise to deliver a comprehensive business management solution – one that has been tried and tested with the most successful names in carpets and floor coverings for over 30 years.

No standard stock management systems can handle the complexities of linear stock. If you buy in or manufacture rolls and sell in cut-lengths, Realitex200 delivers comprehensive in-house SOP facilities, full traceability, stock allocation with optimisation rules, warehousing and distribution management.

The key modules
of Realitex200


A paperless system covering picking, allocations and despatch… prioritise orders, benefit from batching, real-time everything, exceptional auditing – and much more!

Sage 200 Financials

Ensure you know the financial position of your company at any point in time. Analyse historical trends and data to give you the accurate in formation you need to make critical business decisions.

Sage 200 CRM

Understand how your customers interact with your services, manage relationships and improve support – just a few advantages of this advanced version for textiles et al.

Management Information

Panintelligence offers agility, investment potential forecasts, trends and patterns identification, KPI tracking and a top-down view of your business data for deeper insight.

Warehouse Management

Optimised warehouse operations covering all variations of picking, integrated batch cutting, transport loading and stock takes with real-time stock and order audits in Realitex200 Commercials.


Reliable, flexible and scalable, our e-commerce system can be integrated with your existing website and all Realitex200’s functions, giving you a powerful online selling tool.

Document Management

There’s no limit to the document layouts you can utilise, and with the ability to print your own high-quality docs, you can see an immediate return for your investment.

Business Automation

Define rules and criteria to trigger, schedule and monitor actions/tasks – allow instant notifications, identification of buying patterns and loads more benefits!

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test Twitter Media - #WorldCup tops #Google searches in 2018, 😮 #tech is nowhere to be seen!

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test Twitter Media - As phones have become the go-to device for web and internet use, malware creators are increasingly targeting them. @IGN  picks the best #antivirus to protect your #Android device.

#WorldCup tops #Google searches in 2018, 😮 #tech is nowhere to be seen!

test Twitter Media - #WorldCup tops #Google searches in 2018, 😮 #tech is nowhere to be seen!