Modules & Features

Warehouse Management Module

Optimised warehouse operations covering all variations of picking, integrated batch cutting, transport loading and stock takes with real-time stock and order audits in Realitex200 Commercials.

Process Control Module

Carry out services you define on products to covert them from one item to another, for example add flame retardant to fabric to create a different solution. Manages the processing, the cost add-ons, material use, and sub-contractor involvement.

E-commerce Module

Delivering secure 24x7 business-to-business (B2B) trading with customers with optional plug-ins for different functionality like order entry, order enquiry, stock enquiry, account enquiry etc.

Application Interface (API)

A flexible engine for internal application use where you can create your own fronts ends for operational use within the business. With options for Order Entry, Order Enquiry, Stock Enquiry, and Account Enquiry facilities.

Order Upload/Import

Create orders from various file formats, or files submitted via e-commerce/a secure customer web page, and includes a file mapping facility to allow flexible file formats to meet your customer needs.

Cutting Table Integration Module

Send cut information directly from Realitex200 to ETF, HEL, Merryfield, and others, receive back actual cut and check measure results to update stock and orders realtime, print labels, and integrate to cut, wrap, print facilities.

Transport Management Module

Create routes and assign to customers, giving next delivery dates to sales office team and load planning for transport team. Provides loading sheets/handheld facilities and weighbills, as well as vehicle weight checks.

Panintelligence Charting Dashboard

Panintelligence offers agility, investment potential forecasts, trends and patterns identification, KPI tracking and a top-down view of your business data for deeper insight.

CRM Integration Module

Provide realtime sales analysis and order information directly in Realitex200 for field based staff without needing a Realitex200 user licence. Integrates service requests/complaints from Service Management module into CRM to track progress and communications.

RF Stock Takes Module

Start a stock taking process and track action and completion. Monitor what’s been checked and what’s to be checked. Adjust stock and approve before apply changes to the live stock system. 

Questionnaire Module

Prompt sales office team to ask customers questions during order taking calls, allowing valuable information to be gathered without the question being repeated, and with the option to skip to next time if needed.

Promotions and Alternatives Module

Offer clients related products and services whilst orders are being placed, prompting sales staff with a list of relevant items, including alternatives if stock of the requested item is not available. 

Spindle Document Capture Module

There’s no limit to the document layouts you can utilise, and with the ability to print your own high-quality docs, you can see an immediate return for your investment.

Service Management Module

Track and manage complaints through a user defined process, pulling in original invoice details, values, dates etc, recording activity, and processing actions like inspection visits, collections, and credits. Integrates to Sage CRM.

Carpet Manufacturing Module

Flexible manufacturing facilities allowing all aspects of the processes and costs to be managed. Provides visibility of available products to the sales office and advanced allocation where available, with automatic updating to finished stock.

Commercials Module

A paperless system covering picking, allocations and despatch… prioritise orders, benefit from batching, real-time everything, exceptional auditing – and much more!

Sage 200 Financials Module

Ensure you know the financial position of your company at any point in time. Analyse historical trends and data to give you the accurate information you need to make critical decisions.

Sage 200 CRM Module

Understand how your customers interact with your services, manage relationships and improve support – just a few advantages of this advanced version for textiles et al.

Business Automation Module

Define rules and criteria to trigger, schedule and monitor actions/tasks – allow instant notifications, identification of buying patterns and more!

Contract/Project Analysis Module

Full integration to Sage 200s Project Accounting module delivers a single view of all your projects, allocation and collation of costs & overheads, and tracks financial progress.

Holidays, Absence, Expenses, and Fuel Management

Add a tab to Sage CRM to allow your users to create holiday requests, claim overtime, expenses, and manage fuel claims, with a range of features to validate data and manage requests/claims. Managers can raise requests, including illness records, on behalf of their staff, and non-CRM users can be given web browser access.

Head Office Central Account

Redirect multiple branch account transactions into one central head office account for single payment processing, central statements, and single account enquiry.

Loqate GBG

Global data verification and geocoding solution which provides an easy way to verify and enrich Sage 200, Sage CRM, and Realitex200 data, giving improved data quality and enhancing customer experience.