Everyone is aware of just how critical their IT systems are, and therefore how vital daily backups are to protect your key business data. But backing up locally is a bit of a pain, changing media, storing backups securely and with sufficient protection, checking backups, ensuring cover when the backup person is on holiday or off ill and so on…

That’s why we’ve expanded our Acronis backup solutions to now include Acronis Backup Cloud which stores your backups on secure Cloud server solution, not only that it also offers a Disaster Recovery facility where your server can be brought up and running on Acronis’s Cloud servers in the event your server fails or a serious issue with your premises – the Cloud server can then be accessed from anywhere (with secure access controls) It’s so good it’s where we backup our systems!

As the cost is only pence per gigabyte stored per month, you can also keep more backups for longer! We know you’ll want a little more information than that on the costs, so before you make any commitment, we will do two things: provide you with an estimate based on your current backups, and set-up a free 30 days trial using the trial period we’ve agreed with Acronis for our clients. After 30 days you’ll have an exact monthly cost and a choice of continuing with the Online backup solution or cancelling it if you feel the added convenience and protection is not for you.


Finally, if you need a little bit more protection we also offer a nightly backup of your SQL database to a secure area on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud solution, along with any other business critical documents such as key Excel spreadsheets, Word files, CAD drawings etc, to not only provide extra data security at a second low cost off-site location but also give you vital Ransomware protection!


Using Office 365?

You might not be aware, whilst Microsoft Office 365 retains some deleted data for a period of time, it does not provide a complete backup of your data and it’s therefore recommended you implement a structured backup solution. This will ensure you can recover any lost data such as emails or documents that might otherwise be lost by accident, malicious behaviour, or data corruption, and also assists with meeting GDPR compliance. Acronis Backup Cloud provides full Office 365 protection, contact us for more details.