Log phone call notes and emails. Navigate your data and view your sales pipeline. With Mobile X your Sage CRM system becomes the most powerful collaboration tool in your business.

Mobile Access to CRM Data

Details of customers, contacts, Opportunities, Cases, Communications, and more, both to view, and update, allowing users to access data, log calls, record emails, and even add files/photos.

Log Information On-The-Go

Log phone call, meeting, and other activity notes, there and then directly into Sage CRM. Smartphone users can even dictate, making it even easier to capture information quickly and easily!

Outlook 365 Integration

Now you can integrate Mobile X with Office 365. This allows users to file emails from Outlook, and even create new companies/people, Opportunities and Cases from an email.

Your Sage CRM data on-the-go

Users not only expect mobile access to information, they’re increasingly comfortable with using apps to view and update information, giving them up-to-the-minute positions before meetings, calls, or just when they’ve stopped for a coffee! With Mobile X all the key Sage CRM data is available to mobile users on virtually any device, increasing their efficiency, reducing calls to the office, capturing business critical information, and giving them an edge over the competition. Before or during customer meetings they can catch up on the current position with Opportunities and service Cases, refresh their memory on recent communications, and after the meeting, quickly record their notes and send follow up actions – avoid the need for as much time in the office or at home, and allowing more time in front of clients. 

With it’s easy to use interface and access virtually anywhere, users are much more likely to make use of Sage CRM information, as well as update it. Contact information can be used to stay in touch with customers, and with everyone working from a central contact list, the data is captured for the business (not the individual) and updated by all relevant users, and Sage CRM calendars can be viewed and updated, to help prepare for and/or record notes for meetings or conference calls. By capturing information immediately, be it an update from a phone call, or a new service request, you can be sure that nothing is being missed and give your prospects and clients the best service possible.

With features like bookmarking of Contacts, Opportunities, Cases etc, access to history of data accessed, and powerful search facilities, users can get to the information they need, when and where they need it. 

Get the most powerful web client for Sage CRM from any modern mobile smartphone device (Android/iPhone) – no client install required. With Mobile X your Sage CRM system becomes the most powerful collaboration tool in your business.

Features of Mobile X

Easily navigate through your data

With a single simple search users can search across multiple entities for data, or focus on a single entity like a Case or Opportunity. One search box to rule them all.

Keep up with your sales pipeline

View and manage Sales pipelines. Users get a visual pipeline and also a break down of the number of opportunities in a legend that also allows filtering by the stages, and then access the full Opportunity.

Bookmark data

With access to bookmarks such as CRM contacts, key Opportunities, current Cases etc, its easy to navigate your favorite data, getting to the data when you need it and where you need it!

Ping you colleagues

Pings allow users to create a contextual message for a colleague against a given Opportunity or Case. With Mobile X your Sage CRM system becomes the most powerful collaboration tool in your business.

Upload files and photos from your mobile device

Only with Mobile X can you upload files and photos against an entity like Cases. Take a photo on your phone and upload to CRM! Ideal for field service staff to record before and afterwards on a site.

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